It started as a way to feed my friends.

Everything was prepared for our epic sessions: charged controllers, comfy clothes, connected mics, the works. But just as quickly as we got into the game, we would get pulled out by a savage hunger.
Ruining our moods and K.D. ratios, we were forced to make a mid-game dash to stuff our faces with chips and candy. Junk food that meant sticky fingers and weeks of cleaning crumb dust out of keyboards.

What’s worse is we felt like garbage, trading our controllers for the toilet handle. We put our heads together and asked ‘what's the perfect snack to stay in flow?’
It had to be clean and efficient. Delicious and stimulating, without the frustration of washing precious trigger fingers in between bites.
We sampled snack after snack until we found something worthy.

Stimpacks is our gift to you, a clutch protein-packed snack guaranteed to demolish hunger and keep you competing.

Whether it’s being stocked at your favorite events or sending premium jerky to your door every month, we’ll always be there to keep you in the game.